Is reclaiming payment protection insurance coming to an end?

We at “We Reclaim” are continuing to recover thousands of pounds each week for our customers. Our number of new cases has increased month on month this year with more and more being upheld and fewer and fewer being referred to the Financial Ombudsman.

The “banks” make all the BIG headlines but contrary to what they and other lending institutions would have you believe, payment protection insurance mis-selling claims continue to thrive.
Millions of customers are still yet to claim the billions of pounds that have been set aside by the banks to cover outstanding claims.
Yes the Financial Ombudsman is seeing the number of cases referred to them slowing down but they are still talking “thousands” being received by them each day and their rulings are still taking 18 months.

Back to the headline, from our experience, we do not believe PPI reclaiming is coming to an end.
To find out on a strictly “No Win, No Fee” basis, if you have ever had and to recover your payment protection insurance call Lisa on Freephone 08081688793.